IT Startup Services

We Strive To Build Products For Global Startups And Be A Part Of Their Success Story

Empowering startups At Every Stage

Being bootstrapped company ourself, we love Startups for their passion and drive towards building innovative products to solve real world problems. We have a long history of working and catering startup IT services as tech partners with several tech startups transition from an idea through funding to a successful product. With our unique agile delivery approach, tech talent and outsourced product/software development for startups experience, we have launched more than 100 products for startups and have done software development for start companies!

Our exclusive Startup IT Services throughout the product life cycle.

Seed Stage

Stumbled upon a great idea? We as a startup development outsourcing company helps you define and devise a plan to get MVP out the market in 6-12 weeks.

*  Idea validation & refinement

*  Brainstorming workshops

*  Product discovery (blueprint)

*  MVP design & development service for startup

*  Go to market strategy

*  Fundraising Support

Expansion Stage

Cyber Sleek is a global technology services company offering a full range of product life-cycle services to businesses in emerging technology segments .The focus is not just MVP but finding a way to achieve scalability and framing everything in the context for the long term.

*  Quick Team augment/ramp up

*  Performance Optimization

*  Analytics & Improved Engagement

*  Usability Assessment & Improvement

*  Architectural improvement For Scalability

*  DevOps Support

*  Technology Audit

*  Security Improvement

Hyper Growth Stage

Growth hacking through customer satisfactions, retention, conversion & Innovation by data driven implementation.

*  Team ramp up

*  Re-engineering

*  Personalization & Intelligence

*  Improved UX through Micro-interactions

*  DevOps

*  Test Automation

*  Compliances

*  Big Data & Machine Learning

Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

The ultimate goal is to build right thing that solves primary problem and identify product market fit as early as possible by wisely investing time and money.

Technology Migration / Re-engineering

Helping startups to re-engineer and optimize products by assessing existing application, pain areas, and future business goals.

Complete Product Engineering

Comprehensive product engineering services to build, improve and scale product that truly cover entire product life cycle.

Startup/Product Advisory

Offer value-added technology & business consultation to the startups to reduce the risks and increase the chances of success.

Startup Partnership

Our startup development outsourcing company genuinely love to take the journey with startups, as we have also ventured with client in 10+ startups ourselves. We are prepared to invest a part of the services fee and to demonstrate our commitment and share ownership in the entire startup journey.